Friday, 29 October 2010

Lovely Jubbly


How fuckin cool is Lol off This is England 86, what a gal, im proper into this hair at the minute!

Gutted i couldnt pull it off but it inspires me to have a rough looking bob cut!!

Only been trying to grow my hair for past 5 year haha

Makes me wanna be a skin...........

My favourite is Lol, her boy meets girl look is bang on trend this season.

Played by the gorgeous Vicky McClure, she easily resembles Agyness Deyn today with her cropped peroxide cut and waifish frame
Peace out x

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Lacey Desires

I have some new stock at Treasure Junki which are these lovely lace dress which are for sale for £20.00 each. I only have one of each and they are rare to the UK as i had them imported.

I could keep each one of them as they are truly beautiful.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

New Buttons Available

I as lucky enough to be given a very old suit case by a very old lady which was full of her crafty/sewing possessions which she no longer had any use for.

Amongst this was bags of old, vintage and wonderful buttons which i stored in a jar as a display as i thought it looked amazing.

Now ive decided to share these wonderful findings and am in the process of putting together small selections of coordinated buttons for sale.

Here is my first same which is a one off piece and is available for just £4.00

Do you like them?

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Laura McCafferty Art

I recently went on an Applique course with Spinsters Emporium at the Hopkinsons Gallery in Nottingham and learnt how to sew applique on to different items in different ways and was inspired by the various ways it can be done.

We was shown an artist who uses Applique in a different way to make large pieces of art which i loved and now i only have to think about that artist to become motivated in making something more original.

Laura McCafferty layers up her pieces of fabric to produce a reinvention of a photograph - AMAZING
The typical English image captures the lifestyle of these 2 elderly people.

I havent actually started to make anything yet but the ideas are always there and im thinking with Xmas coming up it might be a starting point for me i just need spare time to get going!!!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Free patterns

I found this lovely website and she offers free patterns! Im going to attempt the above ill keep you updated if it goes to plan that is!

The English Dictionary

I stumbled across this on a new blog i found and wanted to repost it to ensure i didnt lose it! I love it so much and think im sure we do have our own words for these feelings etc but not one thats dictionary recorded!!

My Boyf used to work with a polish girl and always came up with lovely phrases for me which i used to love, or he would text them me and id spend the day trying to translate them haha Good times xxx

I wish i could pronounce them properly though lol