Sunday, 31 January 2016

Losing the Christmas layer

So today is the 1st February and this weekend is the first time since Christmas that I feel like I'm back in shape.

After two weeks of food indulgence and not working out (cos it's Christmas) I felt disgusting and wobbly and like I was going to have to start my journey all over again. 

My fitness journey started in May 2015 it took 3 months to shape my body and see some muscle definition. I continued from there and drove the workout sessions into my daily routines and made sure I was active 5 or 6 times a week. So I've worked pretty hard all year long. 

Then Christmas came and I just wanted to fully relax and enjoy it so I did just that!! 

Around came the 4th January and I was totally ready to get back on it, I was fed up of eating and being lazy and tired and getting fat!! Actually my thing is I can eat eat eat and not see any change until two weeks later it's like boing here I am!! I have a fat delay 😏

Anyway After Christmas I started an evening class at college with my friends which fell on a Wednesday. Well Wednesday's was our boxfit class at fitness garage with combo and this class was the cherry on top for my physique. So Having missed this class for 6 weeks my stomach as lost its shape it's now a roll!! Knowing this I worked extra hard on my days in the gym, upped my running game again and made sure I never missed the Saturday box sesh. 

Well this paid off and today I am feeling good again I'm not as wobbly and my arms and abs are aching (I live for that feeling). 

So all in all its took me four weeks to get back to feeling good and toned again where as two weeks ago I thought this was a never ending journey!! 

I recommend some high intensity boxfit classes as they do wonders for the whole body. The circuits mix the whole thing up and makes you fell hard as fuck after 😂

Glitter roots and grey hair

So I don't know what 2016 as done to me but I'm recapturing a bit of my youth with new hairstyles, dungarees and glitter!! Having seen the trend on Instagram the last few month me and Katie decided to give it a go at the next party we went too and we loved it!!

We bought some cheap ass gel from supermarket and some glitter mixed it up in a glass and then painted it into each other's roots we then sprinkled on some table confetti we found and pressed them slightly to stick to the gel and walla!!!! Hair ready!!! How easy!! We loved it and felt about 14 again we added some 90s rnb playlist to the background and we was off with no diggity hahah

Anyway the camera snob and her iPhone 6 camera which is for some reason a million times better than my iPhone 5 got plenty of pics as ya do and we got some great responses!

Coming home from the party we gave our heads a little brush off whilst outside and it literally just came out!! Which was great cos we was planning on sleeping in balaclavas or somet to save the bedsheets from being ruined!! Another quick knock off before entering the house it was easy peasy to remove. No mess anywhere except my mates driveway haha

I was expecting to be covered in glitter for a week but no issues!! Give it a go it changed my life 🚬


Monday, 11 January 2016

Lifestyle Changes in the New Year

New year New you

Not for me

Id like to think I made the lifestyle changes I needed last year so 2016 for me is about maintaining that level of eating healthy and plenty of exercise and enjoying it too.

I'm in the gym, running, boxing or walking at least 5 days a week and I'm happy with that it keeps my weight maintained and I can still eat what I want when I want and I don't feel guilty. I enjoy the social side of it too and having friends doing the same is key to the motivation.

I have started college this term and I've been doing an extra boxing class but not as much weights in the gym and I can tell. My body feels a tad wobblier for missing the gym. However I am in the best shape I have ever been in and I understand now how whatever size you are you can still feel fat and really 'fat' isn't the right word its the toning of your body that makes you feel this way. This is why I love lifting weights so much because my body feels much leaner and I can eat a massive Christmas dinner and desserts and starters and chocolates and champagne and still bust a six pack out over all that food.

Its taken me 6 months to be able to be happy with the lifestyle but it as totally paid off.

I started my fitness journey in May 2015 I did start running before that though. It took about 3 months before I saw an outcome of hitting the gym every day and lifting but it came. You have to persevere and do it only for yourself not anybody else.

I don't use any protein powders or any gimmicky items they sell nowadays because that's all it is a gimmick. There are natural alternatives to it all and I believe there just a placebo to people.

Anyone can do it you just have to put the time in and change your routine for you.