Saturday, 30 April 2011

Vintage Buttons

My Vintage Button Collection

What else could i have done with all these beautiful authentic vintage buttons

I made some earrings
More available from Treasure Junki on Facebook
£5.00 each set inc Free P&P

Friday, 29 April 2011

Bucket List

Hollywood forever cemetery - I read something the other day in a magazine about a place in Los Angeles where they play really old horror movies in a cemetery at night like a drive through and they project the old films over the gravestones like Rosemary's Baby, i want to do this so bad, why don't we have anything like this in England, i always try and follow the secret cinema but its never anywhere near us!!

Look of the day

Kate Moss

Thursday, 28 April 2011


Street art has had an upswing of popularity in the past few years, often coming off more as vandalism or graffiti than art. But Herrera’s street pieces are undeniably beautiful. Using the pale grey asphalt streets as her canvas, she adds bright and punchy color to an otherwise dismal palette.

New York City based artist Olek employs a similar yarn and “guerilla knitting” technique, crocheting over abandoned bikes and poles throughout the city. She even knit over an existing piece of public art. But Herrera’s work takes it a step beyond, interacting with the cityscape and drawing attention to municipal neglect.

Using brightly dyed yards and fabrics, she braids and weaves yarns together for site-specific pieces, injecting a cheerful rainbow of colors in varying shapes and sizes. The results mesh art, fashion and nature – and all coincide to bring a smile to cold cheeks in the grey winter as we await spring months.

Now here is a true optimist, seeing decay and disrepair as an opportunity and venue to share some renegade – and smile-inducing art. Tres bien

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

LC by Lauren Conrad

Conrad is working on launching a new fashion line, Paper Crown, and is scheduled to be in stores by fall 2011. The line is her third collection after The Lauren Conrad Collection and LC by Lauren Conrad. Her now defunct reality show would have focused on the creation and launch of the line.

All these dresses are available from treasure junki for just £45.00, perfect for any weddings or parties you have this summer!