Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Post holiday bod

Soooooo I'm back from kos in Greece and have had an amazing holiday with the famalam! 2 weeks all inclusive with delicious food and amazing cocktails on tap what more does a gal want in summertime!!!!

So I've been dreading coming home to the dreaded scales after 3 course meals every mealtime plus constant supplies of icecream fizzy drinks and cocktails not my usual lifestyle choice but Ive gone at it full throttle and totally enjoyed myself but not entirely guilt free.

I was happy to see the scales hadn't changed on my arrival home and my new Levi jeans pre holiday purchase still foot without having to do the stretchy get on me dance I sometimes have to do!!

However my body is a wobbly mess and I can't wait to return to the gym and the road and a healthy fridge to pick at.

I now have to motivate myself to restart the journey I began and get back on track pushing myself even more!

I have a goal of a 10k marathon in a few week at canon hall so this should hopefully get me back into my running shoes, and my mate I hope is now back in the gym so will get me there with a bit of friendly motivation too. Food shop was completed this morning with no biscuits chocolates sugary shit or crap bought.

I have been doing water aerobics and swimming some lengths and a bike ride too whilst on holiday but nothing in comparison to what I was doing.

How was your holidays did you feel like this on your return or did u make better choices whilst on holiday than me!! 💪🏽