Monday, 16 December 2013

The start of the Top Ten

iPhone collection

I have a serious problem, I screenshot everything I love and my phone just gets fuller and fuller of everything I'm in love with! So as I'm sat here conjuring up my 2014 resolution list I feel that this should be one thing I should take a hold of and do something about.

One resolution is to blog more and to do this with ease ill post ten of the top things I shot that week and then I can delete them from the iPhone. 2 problems solved in one pigeon or somet??

Thursday, 18 July 2013

My morrocan home..... Well a girl can dream can't she

If only I had a spare house I could fill with  morrocan  treasures I want and need in my life, in fact I'd even pass for a spare room to hide away in! 

Pouffes, rugs and lanterns galore

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Vintage Darling

There may be a lot of vintage clothing stockists and sellers around nowadays but in all honesty the Vintage pieces you see and buy are still rare, unique and eye catching garments compared to any high street clobber available today that screams DUPLICATION....

You may think £40? For a dress that's second hand? Well don't!! You will not see any one in that same dress, for sure, I have never come across it and if you do, it's a classic moment, I'm sure.

So when your next searching through these online stores and asos marketplace boutiques or even facebook sites remember your not over paying for something thats over priced and second hand your buying into a piece of history that's guaranteed to turn a head or two and carry that item on to be loved by many more.

Treasure Junki hand selects each individual item based on quality, uniqueness, rarity and standy outty style (my own language that one...) so you can be ONE OF A KIND.

I say this with a passion as on my last vintage clothing hunt I found far too any pieces that I didn't want to part with and you will not find one of them in any high street or designer store in the world! They are unique and incomparable and some of them are mine for keeps!

So make sure you keep looking out for Treasure Junki's next launch of new stock and buy what you like as once its gone its gone x
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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

1920s Champagne Hooligans

The Great Gatsby has unsettled a need in me to portray the beauty of the 1920s, the fashion ,the style, the headwear and the parties all rolled out in the film by the delicious Leonardo Di Caprio. The dancing, the drinking, the fireworks, the jewels and the braces. And not forgetting mansions and the little secret cottage hiding beneath Gatsbys shadow that eventually becomes over filled with beautiful white flowers.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Life Audit

Who am I, What do I want in life and where do I want to be?

I'm a very very happy lady, I love my family, my friends, I love my house I love everything I have done in my life and everything I have today.

If I don't like something I change it and I am very lucky and good things always  seem to come to me which I am extremely grateful for.


I turn 30 this year and was getting stuck in a rut at work, a redundancy situation arose and I decided opportunity was a knocking at me so I volunteered and have decided to have 3 months off to do what I want and spend some much needed time with my daughter.

The downside is I know full well after a month or two off ill be itching to get back into being busy. I cant sit around and do nothing and cleaning, decorating and gardening are chores I don't want to waste my life on.

So what the hell am I going to do??????? (biggest question here)

I'm active I like being busy I take on so much stuff I don't know when to stop. I worked full time and I always like to learn at the same time, I set up my own vintage clothing boutique which meant I was constantly on line marketing, setting up the website, sorting stock, packing and posting sales, writing a Blog updating the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram etc and all of this was on top of being a wife-to-be and a mother.

Should I continue to put more of my time into my on line boutique and work on creating my own label?
I thought about retraining at university but your looking at £25k to study
so what other careers are out there for me?

Where do I come to begin to find out this information when I have been out of school 13 years and haven't yet found the answer............

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Obsessed - Cara Delevinge

Professional Human Being and eyebrow lover!

Only 20 year old and taking over the fashion world!  Follow her on Instagram and Twitter for her crazy looks for photos and epic style

70s babes

After hours of staring at the web looking for looks and ideas for a fancy dress night next week for my friends hen party i have once again been distracted and drooling over many pictures in style envy.

It has to be my favourite era and i am forever saving piccies to my hard drive of absolute nonsense! Yes my boyfriend thinks im weird and potentially gay!
Enjoy and share the love!!

Bianca Jagger

Bridget Bardot

Farrah Fawcet

Francoise Hardy

Jane Birkin