Monday, 29 February 2016

Runners knee - solution

I've had bad knees since I started running and I limp after a run for a couple of days too.

I've been really dreading a marathon because of the pain I'm in and genuinely think I may quit running once I've completed it.

Someone told me about some cartledge tablets I should take to ease the issues so I went online to search for them and they was like £20 which I didn't really want to spend. So when I was in the supermarket I found some in morrisons for £10 which weren't bad but then found asda had their own brand for just £3 so thought I'd give them a try.

Chrondroitin was the tablet I needed it helps maintain healthy joints and contributes to the formation of bones and tissue including cartledge. I've been taking them for two weeks and it feel so much better already. I did the 11 mile run on Sunday so had one Sunday and one Monday and by Tuesday it wasn't has bad at all so think they have definitely helped and will definitely carry on taking them whilst I'm training. 

Joint health multivitamins and minerals food supplement with Glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin and msm. 

Half marathon training

I love the stages i go through on a long run I don't know if everyone goes through the same!!

Yesterday I did my longest run yet 11 miles and I am crippled today! I've been running for over a year now but my longest run to date was 8 miles. 

I'm 6 weeks away from my first half marathon in Sheffield and knew I needed to up my game as training hasn't been going as well I liked. 

I got up yesterday with intention of running 8-9 miles but I smashed that thank fully but can no longer walk and I ache all over!! 

I finished my run and walked up the street home, texted the hubby to get the bath running and entered the house poured a glass of water opened a bag of midget gems and sat on the kitchen floor in pure agony!! I'm not out of shape I'm active 5/6 times per week so I'm not unfit but it was testing if you can call it anything. 

Mile one - Oooh it's cold
Mile two - maybe I'll just do 4 miles 
Mile three - hit a hill and smashed it
Mile 4 - I'm half way there I can so do this
Mile 5 - I'm forest gump I can run forever 
Mile 6 - god could I turn around and run home right now to make it twelve miles 
Mile 7 - my abs hurt shall I stop at that house for a drink and a toilet break
Mile 8 - I'm gonna go the long way home cos I'm feeling good
Mile 9- why did I do this to myself my feet are blistering 
Mile 10 - I'm gonna call home and get picked up 
Mile 11 - u fucking idiot what are you doing 
0.2 miles - The walk home I looked like I'd shit my pants 

The mental thought process of running alone makes me laugh I go through so many stages of how I need to go home or how I feel amazing and could run forever - I'm well proud I did this it's a great achievement for me. The way to do it is be so far away from home the only thing you can do is run home and finish the race! 

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Soup da loop

So my blogs turning a bit foody cos I like da food

I'm a shit cooker to be honest cos I like to read a recipe that I like the sound of and then just make my own version with my own ingredients and own measurements. I could never bring a book out cos I'm a chuck it in and see how much lands in pan!! Not helpful to people who are genuinely interested in trying haha

But this is my chat and no cunt reads it so I'll give thee a Yorkshire version of whatever I make and be brave and just use your instinct and go with the flow!!

Soups one of me faves and my homemade soup is 😍😍😍 ask me husband 😁

Courgette and onion soup 
2 courgettes chopped/sliced as fine as possible
2 onions chopped as above 

Stew the onions in some butter on a pan 
Add the courgettes and do same 
Add a pint of chicken stock and a splash of milk salt and pepper
Simmer for an hour and add any stale bread or bread crusts you got in cupboard just rip them up and wack them on for ten mins and walla it's a surprise and I hope you will love it's so good for you!!

Butternut squash soup

Butternut squash
Sweet potatoes x2 
Garlic clove 

I quartered a squash and shoved it in oven with two sweet potatoes as they are  for about an hour on gas mark 5.

About ten mins before the hour chop the onion and garlic and add to pan with a knob of butter to sweat out then add a pint of chicken stock, bring to the boil then add the Squash and potatoes for another ten mins before blending, seasoning and eating. I also added a sprinkle of paprika for good measure 😀

Homemade granola recipe

Today I had a pop at making some home made granola 

With lent starting I have to give up my annual choice of chocolate and biscuits these things are my worst enemy!! To avoid failing this I make batches of flapjack and energy balls to give me something to munch when I'm craving something. 

I've gotten a little bored of my healthy version of flapjack so decided to try something else to snack on as well as try for breakfast ideas etc

The recipe and method of my choice was adapted from deliciously Ella without the weighing!! 

A handful of pecans (or any nut u desire)
A smaller handful of almonds

Pulse these together in a blender
Then Add 
a handful of seed mix - pumpkin and sunflower I used 
Handful of oats 
A Sprinkle of flaxseed 

Then melt in a pan few teaspoons of honey a good spoon of coconut oil and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon 

The syrup is then poured over the granola mix and mixed together. 

Spread out on a baking tray before walking in the oven on gas mark 4 for 45 mins continually mixing up every 5-10 min to stop any burning 

Once finished and cooled add a hand full of raisins then store in an airtight tin 

Muchos Gracias
It's proper beaut

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Guilt free caramel sauce using 2 ingredients

It's took me thirty years to try a date. I don't think I've ever eaten one in my whole life until yesterday.

 Couple of months ago I came across the energy ball recipe so bought some dates to try and was amazed at how nice they were and such a good replacement for sugar and chocolate. I make batches of energy balls every couple of week and the recipe is somewhere on my blog. 

So yesterday I was making my balls 😳 and I just ate a date whole and it was yum!! Where have I been living all this time!!  I started searching other date recipes and came acros the caramel sauce. 

So checking I had the 2 ingredients it required I have it a whirl!! 

16 pitted dates 
Half a cup of almond milk 
That's it!!

So I blended up the dates which just became a sticky mess then added a bit of milk then whizzed it again before adding a bit more milk and so on until I got the consistency that I wanted 

The end result!! It's amazing!! U can also add vanilla or a sprinkle of sea salt which I'll defo try next time but give it a whizz you'll be suprised!! 

Even my daughter ate we had ginger cake and ice cream with this dribbled over it and she never guessed!! 🙌🏽