Thursday, 23 February 2017

A bucket list for your dirty thirties

  • Kick a bad habit
  • Visit a new continent
  • Go on a road trip with the girls 
  • Learn to drive a new mode of transport
  • Grow something you can eat
  • Organise your life 
  • Read a classic novel
  • Do something that scares you
  • Be stylish wear something to turn heads your not dead yet
  • Volunteer 
  • Get fit for life last chance to strengthen them bones
  • Win a medal 
  • Scrapbook the best things you did in the last 30 years 
  • Learn to play that instrument
  • Spend time with the children in your family
  • Travel Alone
  • Fly 1st class
  • Host a Christmas party
  • Make videos and save them
  • Get the car you always wanted 
I'm a massive fan of lists and bucket lists I have done since I was 16 I have saved and I still write one for every year and I make my daughter do this too!! I may not complete all of them but some years I have last year was the worst year I think I've ever had and when I looked back at my list at the end of the year id actually completed 11/12 things on there. So to achieve the things I needed I had to sacrifice other stuff that year like holidays and going places. So I am making up for all that this year!!
PS this isn't my bucket list it was just some ideas for anyone interested in making one.
Mines 150+ of a list =)

Monday, 20 February 2017

Healthy snacks for healthier snackers

Healthy snacks for evening snackers

My downfall in my life of fitness in 2017 is snacking at night.

The last couple of years of clean eating and weight training I sort of had this under control. 

Since Christmas and a spiralling month of chocolate wine and chaos plus a few other personal life changes I just can't knock the habit off. 

So this weekend when I did my food shop I planned beforehand what snacks I can get to help me switch from chocolate and biscuits to something more healthier. 

  • Pre-chop and prepare carrots and celery and store in Tupperware in the fridge ready to eat
  • Nuts, raisins, dates, coconut chips - a mixed selection in a tub and saved where the biscuits usually are!
  • Make some energy balls to shove in my mouth instead of a custard cream before I go to the gym 
  • Pomegranate seeds - pre picked, I found these a good alternative to haribo, These are my absolute fave!
  • Olives and a cocktail stick 
  • Chopped up fruit prepared and ready to snack on - apples, kiwis, grapes, pineapple
  • Chocolate cornflake buns - I need chocolate right so some little spoonfuls of cheap made buns with chocolate on gotta be better then say a snickers bar right? 
  • Kale chips 
  • Skyr yoghurt
  • A spoonful of peanut butter or chocolate spread if needs must!  
  • and finally don't snack at all - #lifegoals
The key is to prepare these snacks so you can walk in the kitchen and grab. Have willpower and try these alternatives at your next food shop. Don't buy the chocolate and biscuits, unless you have to like I do [hubby and kid wont allow otherwise], so store them in a different cupboard if you do. This way your routine of fridge and snack cupboard opening every time you walk in the kitchen will be met with new choices! 

Same goes for work, lunches, canteens and venders. Avoid them, take your own snacks, buy some little containers and always make sure you have something just in case and this will stop that walk to the vender. I also make sure I don't have any change on me and one better forget all sources of bank cards and money then I have to starve if I'm craving something naughty!!