Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Last year I started running or jogging some may say. I was limited to the park behind my house as I was living in fear of running anywhere that wasn't near home. I applauded myself for a 3 mile run and then retiried!

This year I decided to start again I'm 3 months in and can now run 8.5 mile. That's the furthest I've pushed myself and not attempted anything more as of yet.

Im using the nike running app to track my progress which I love. It has logged my runs, times, distances etc and shows me my history and my journey in a way.

I started running a mile max and that's all I could manage for a week or so and that's what makes me proud to know what I can do now. 

Some days I'm shit and can't run but if you just keep going you start getting in the zone where you feel like forest gump and could run forever and then you get the bug where you just want to run every day because it's making you feel so good. 

What I don't understand is im not losing any weight however my body is toning my legs are losing cellulite and my stomach is more defined. I feel good and that's all I want. 

Fit to fat to fit

Everyone wants to lose weight and get fit and tone up some part of their body. If they say they don't I believe them but they secretly do! 
I have always been that person to be fair, happy with my weight, never doing a fad diet, can't be arsed to exercise but always wishing I looked better without any effort. Truth is it doesn't happen that way.
When I finally realised I was lying to myself was when Id gotten a new job where I was constantly active never stopping and being physically exhausted At the end of every shift. This hell of a job did wonders for my physique and I loved it. I always thought my body wasn't meant to be that way but it really can when you change your lifestyle completely. 
Now I'm not saying quit your lazy ass jobs but think about your activity on a daily basis.... Download the pacer app and see how active you are on a day to day basis. Do it!!! It makes you want to get up and walk when you see the results.
Let me expand! I quit this active job, where I logged 6 mile of walking every shift for 4 months, for a desk job and was terrified of the effect this was going to have on my body. 
1 month in I felt disgusting my pacer had gone from 14000 steps per day to 300!!! What the actual hell!!! 
This is what has changed my life, even though I'm currently living this its a life changer. Follow my progress and join in.