Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sheffield Half Marathon 2016

So I have said before that i failed my October run challenge but in a way it was good cos its got me back into enjoying running and i still clocked up plenty of miles which I haven't done since May this year.

I've also signed up to the Sheffield Half Marathon so i've got to keep it up now to be ready to smash that crazy hill I keep hearing about.

I'll track my progress I'm sure and if anyone can offer any advice please do!!

Sport injuries help needed

I love my new lifestyle and i love working out and switching up my routines and that but my god i'm sick of all the little injuries and groans i get with it, it really proper grinds my gears.

I stretch the body well before all my workouts and after and still end up with silly little wrist aching or back aching or my bigger coccyx disability i recently got but has now gone.

I get sick of winging so just having a quick moan.

Anyone got any advice for me to stop getting these little injuries???

Gonna get some wrist wraps for boxfit and what............

Lemon infused water

I feel like i swear by this shit it really does change my physique.

I've been drinking this for a couple of months and the other week i just forgot to make a batch and continued to not have a batch to drink and i felt different so made sure i bought a bag of lemons on my next shop and made a bottle of water up with just a lemon cut into quarters popped in and left in the refrigerate.

This is all i drink at home instead of pop or dilute or juice etc. I have a good drink in a morning and a good guzzle before bed and i feel it helps my stomach loads with bloating. i just keep topping the water up for a few days before changing the lemon.

Its cheaper than all the pop you can go through and tastes nicer than water alone so give it a try what you got to lose.

I'm a BIG green tea drinker too i feel this helps my soul LOL it certainly helps my stomach digest foods better and stops the upset stomach feeling or anxiety tummy i sometimes get.