Thursday, 28 July 2011

Photo of the day

Baby Shower Crafts

Well i have a few girlfriends that are up the duff!! My friend is hosting a baby shower for one of them and as i know there will be a few more to follow i started looking up crafty bits to make for them!!

As i hosted a party a few years back for my friend Lydia, i know how hard it is making the right decisions for the right purchases!

So a few ideas i have found that we could potentially make on the cheap and reuse for the many more babys we will have to shower in our group!!!

Nappy Invitations

Bootie banner

Patchwork blankets - everyone bring an old item of clothing they dont want we cut a square out of it and make a personal blanket for the lil one to keep cosy in x

Design ur own romper

Marshmallow pops

Tissue pom pom deco

Dummy sweets, held together by cocktail sticks!

MM Cake

Garden deco

Lovely owl sandwichs!!