Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Vintage Darling

There may be a lot of vintage clothing stockists and sellers around nowadays but in all honesty the Vintage pieces you see and buy are still rare, unique and eye catching garments compared to any high street clobber available today that screams DUPLICATION....

You may think £40? For a dress that's second hand? Well don't!! You will not see any one in that same dress, for sure, I have never come across it and if you do, it's a classic moment, I'm sure.

So when your next searching through these online stores and asos marketplace boutiques or even facebook sites remember your not over paying for something thats over priced and second hand your buying into a piece of history that's guaranteed to turn a head or two and carry that item on to be loved by many more.

Treasure Junki hand selects each individual item based on quality, uniqueness, rarity and standy outty style (my own language that one...) so you can be ONE OF A KIND.

I say this with a passion as on my last vintage clothing hunt I found far too any pieces that I didn't want to part with and you will not find one of them in any high street or designer store in the world! They are unique and incomparable and some of them are mine for keeps!

So make sure you keep looking out for Treasure Junki's next launch of new stock and buy what you like as once its gone its gone x
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