Thursday, 18 June 2015

Getting ripped PAH

Well I went from one extreme to the other after re-reading my last blogpost! I've started trying to get some muscle definition by joining the gym and actually going.

I am like 4 weeks in and going 4 times a week and spending 45 minutes weight training. Now I'm no meathead or Arnold Swarchneger (however he's spelt). But I see no results???? I use my fitness pal to track my shiz and I eat lots of protein and I'm lifting more each week but body wise its not showing.

I eat pretty fuck good, always been into clean eating, cooking from scratch, no processed ready meal crap hardly goes in my mouth. I am no angel I kid you not I like me a maccy ds and a gobful of chocolate but overall I am well good at cooking and eating from the earth and all that organic turnip bumf. (I grow my own nikki fresh veg ill post ya one day)

Now I need to see some definition before I give up, what else do I do? I've been pumping on the right machines and increased my weights weekly and am doing 3 reps of each weight 8-12 times. I read you should be lifting a weight you cant do more than 12 times so I'm on with that too.

I do a bit of cardio to warm up and finish on the amazing flabelos machines which I love being shaken about on!!! I right enjoy feeling all the wobbly bits being wobbled away if that's what its really doing!! I feel like it is so I'm happy with that.

My running career is over like Madonna. Well its not but I missed a week of running and don't feel like forest gump anymore which is annoying, I'm going to get back on I really am and writing this I wanna run down street just thinking about it. My mates are shit runners too they never drag my arse out like id like them too!! can I blame them it feels good to blame them and not myself! In fact who needs them I started this journey alone and ill finish it alone!! Laughing, we me medals bouncing round my rack haha JOKES

So I've got this journey off my chest I don't know what else to add but I'm gonna finish work and get in gym and carry on working my squatting ass off cos 4 weeks clearly isn't enough time to get ripped!!

Now let me know is anyone reading this shit, can anyone relate to this shiz and what else you wanna chat about like? wheres spell checker, why don't they make a Yorkshire spell check cos there's a lot of red squiggly lines under my notes!