Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Life Audit

Who am I, What do I want in life and where do I want to be?

I'm a very very happy lady, I love my family, my friends, I love my house I love everything I have done in my life and everything I have today.

If I don't like something I change it and I am very lucky and good things always  seem to come to me which I am extremely grateful for.


I turn 30 this year and was getting stuck in a rut at work, a redundancy situation arose and I decided opportunity was a knocking at me so I volunteered and have decided to have 3 months off to do what I want and spend some much needed time with my daughter.

The downside is I know full well after a month or two off ill be itching to get back into being busy. I cant sit around and do nothing and cleaning, decorating and gardening are chores I don't want to waste my life on.

So what the hell am I going to do??????? (biggest question here)

I'm active I like being busy I take on so much stuff I don't know when to stop. I worked full time and I always like to learn at the same time, I set up my own vintage clothing boutique which meant I was constantly on line marketing, setting up the website, sorting stock, packing and posting sales, writing a Blog updating the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram etc and all of this was on top of being a wife-to-be and a mother.

Should I continue to put more of my time into my on line boutique and work on creating my own label?
I thought about retraining at university but your looking at £25k to study
so what other careers are out there for me?

Where do I come to begin to find out this information when I have been out of school 13 years and haven't yet found the answer............

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