Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Progress so far 5 months in

So the journey continues I'm still working out daily still eating really clean and enjoying everything I'm doing.

Started a box fit class about 6 or 7 weeks ago and it's been amazing really enjoy it. It's an intense session that makes us sweat buckets and red in the face and it feels good. The first session was so so hard we were nearly physically sick but ploughed through with the instructor pressuring you like a drill sergeant which makes it better. But as the weeks have gone on we all feel stronger and although it's always still really hard it's a well needed exercise switch which concentrates a lot on the core with sit ups, planking and press ups!! When I started I could barely do one full press but now I can do more and am gaining upper body strength through it.

Also I actually got six pack points from my other half who said they were looking a lot more defined 'high frickin five' laddo 

I've sort of ditched running on the weekend as I've lost my mojo with it and I'm making it up other ways anyway so don't mind. We participated in the cannon hall run 10k a couple of Sunday's ago and it completely killed us! It was such a hilly run and totally wasn't expecting the hills or the heat and although I've run that distance and beyond many times I didn't train well up to the date but we completed with my best time ever for a 10k too 1.07 which isn't the best I know but it's my personal best and I wasn't last haha I was 306th though Pah that's why I fucking quit running 😆

So I'm still at a weight I'm really happy with the lowest I've been and maintained with no effort I've dropped a complete dress size and it's killed me having to put clothes away that are clearly too big cos there good clothes like but hey ho a new wardrobe is built in time for autumn/winter 🙌🏽

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