Wednesday, 30 September 2015

South Park Energy Balls

I found this idea on the internet a few months ago and saved it to remake, however the ingredients it needed i just never picked up as they didn't sell them in my local supermarkets and to be honest there not cheap super foods either.

I wanted to make these and i always need a quick snack and if there's not a healthy snack around i'll take what i can which is usually biscuits or a chocolate bar. I've said before if my hubby didn't buy these things i wouldn't have them in the house full stop.

Anyway yesterday i reinvented this recipe to cover what foods are in my cupboards or at least on the supermarket shelves and it is still healthy and i know whats in it.

Unfortunately I don't use measurements ha ha i'm a throw it in and see what happens kinda gal


Pre-seeded Dates about 20
Teaspoon of coconut oil
Teaspoon of cocoa (Cacoa nibs can also be used)
10 Raw Almonds
10 Raw Cashew Nuts
Sprinkle Mixed Seeds (just from Aldi 79p for a small packet of mixed seed snacks)
Sprinkle of flax seeds

Chuck all the ingredients in a blender and walla!!! Roll them into little balls and i popped them in the fridge to harden up before storing in a Tupperware ready to snack on when needed!

Yummy, i couldn't get everyone's hands off them so I've hidden them in the fridge under the salad where no one else will look!!!

PS the original recipe included
Chia Seeds
Hemp powder

I suppose anything could be used as the dates form the base which everything sticks to.

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  1. I think you should bring some of these on Wed for me to try! X