Thursday, 6 March 2014

A Modern Shower

Baby Shower, Bridal Shower or a girlie gathering in your back yard.

Inspiration is available everywhere and its getting me excited for spring. Garden parties, sunshine, lounging on the grass and the smell of barbeques, its a good season!

The colours are fresh with pastel, sorbet, sherbert shades being everywhere from clothing to food!

How lush is this setting in the garden. Lanterns, cushions, fluffiness, pastels, tea, cakes and girls its my favourite. How cute are they all dressed in there chiffon bed jackets and glamourous nighties. This is pure copying this idea right now madness!!!!

Cupcakes and tea cups for the perfect afternoon tea. Pearls, Chocolate and too much lushness in this picture. i want it, do you??!!

Well make it, stolen from pinterest these little ideas are what make our parties special and different, anyone can create this and how spectacular does it look! I cant wait to use it!

A few homemade tissue pom poms and the partys started!!!

Glam up your parties man and throw your mate a shower she wont forget!! If your stuck then ask me ill help or have a go anywayz...........

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