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My New York scribbles - May 2012

A random jaunt to New York with a work colleague happened by the off chance! I had worked with Carly for a few years and hit it off from the start as she was another Silly Billy to join our little team. Not forgetting she was also a LEO which is BIG to me! I choose my pride carefully!!
One Christmas Carly had a life changing experience and split up from her partner whom she was co-habiting with and left her life in search of something new!! Big big decision and a very brave lass! (Lioness Quality)
Anwayzzz she randomly booked a two week break to New York City on her own! Even braver!!  
Who is this girl and what has she done with my friend!! So little ol' jealous me wanted in on this trip of course.So I got the OK from my partner and my flights were soon booked!!
We searched the net for authentic places to stay to experience the New York lifestyle and came across airbnb an amazing website where you can rent peoples apartments for a few days to stay so that's what we did! We found a New York loft with high bricked walls with a canopy double bed and a projected TV on the wall,
it had quirky little ornaments, books and was sprinkled with all the New York spirit we wanted to feel.
In no time at all we was ready to go! After a lot of drama due to Sheffield United being in Wembley the same date we were travelling to Heathrow we decided to book a hotel near the airport to stay the night before with
no traffic hassles to get us uptight!!
The scribbles commenced
Day 0 - The Ride

Drove to Heathrow Airport and got followed by a bus up my ass like jeepers creepers. Arrived at Easy hotel to a room full of ants, who chose this cheapo hotel! Moved rooms and got cabin fever having no windows but now no ants. 

We went down to the local shop and got attacked by a Harlington scrubber who wanted a quid! He Thought it was acceptable to try and get in my car with us... However good thing is I now know how to use the central locking button and drove off full speed with the door still open to remove him..... 
That's what we should have done but instead we both screamed noooo at him and failed to drive off as the car wasn't even started so had to basically push him away before starting the car up and getting out of there!! 
It was the scariest place ever to be on your own in the middle of the night!

We laid in bed looking through travel books and talking about what we should do and where we should go! The excitement was swallowing me up at this point! like little kids on Christmas Eve PAH
Made a to do list:
Day 1 - 
In the Morning we got up got ready and whilst doing so I set the fire alarm off in the hotel while just burning some string out my pants which burnt my tummy also, I will be scarred for life! Security came a knocking on the door and asked me if I was smoking, I was like noooo my pants were on fire? Believe! He just left!

Got to Heathrow airport early curly, got drunk on 2 glasses of bucks fizz at the Toodle Pip restaurant it was awesome, ate nachos and giggled in the dining street for a couple of hour until the Bucks fizz wore off and we were like two unsociable alcoholics lol #jokes
Long flight ahead so I snuggled down and watched the DVD on the chair in front of me - I Watched What's your number, Crazy sexy love and Drive, laughed out loud at the first two! Saw a crazy old American lady and a family of humongous people... Welcome to America!!!!

The flight was like having a sofa day with a hangover and a blanket and being fed all day by your partner while you just sit and laze watching films it was awesome. My dream dayz
Arrived in new York late that night, Got the fastest taxi driver in the land for a 50dollar trip

Arrived at our awesome studio Easy peasy and it was fabulous! An awkward introduction to Aida but she was OK told us what's what and left 110 Greenwich street Financial District, Downtown, all for us to rampage in!

Went to shop bought a cinnamon roll it was lush, ate it, rummaged through the woman's draws and then went to bed!!
Day 2
Passed out woke up at 5am and here we are, 

First day out
Out at 8am on a hunt for breakfast, had egg benedict at The Cupping Room Cafe, Stealed a mini salt an pepper pot like something off Alice in wonderland and got salt in my bag, silly me forgot to empty it first!!

Found What goes around comes around, Dash and Base. Walked down Fifth Avenue and walked and walked!

Saw a man at the traffic lights who had no teeth, he says to us 'Where's the tv....? I smoked the tv!!, I smoke the chair, the soap dispenser the razorblades hahaha I smoked it all' And he cracked out laughing he only had one big tooth but his laugh was contagious so we was all just stood laughing in the street loud and giggly it made our day!
Saw New York library with the lions outside where Carrie didnt get married in SATC
Went shopping bought 2 dresses, it's the only shop I've purchased from everything is priced ridiculously expensive. We've hunted out all the vintage, antique and thrift stores and they are shocking!! I know I can get items just as special from the UK so I've refused to buy a single thing!

We went to the flea markets and drove up and down town in yellow cabs, its such a big city!! Arrived in Central Park went to strawberry fields and the Imagine monument and just people watched on the grass while we rested our feets and basked in the sunshine!

Times square was amazing, busy, crazy, lots and lots of people around as its memorial day, street performers, 
sailors, army trucks, army people playing in a band.... Its awe inspiring, amazing, bustling and a lot to take in!

It was So so so hot and we just walked around gormlessley all day staring high into the sky at this big city we were in. Sat in Bryant park for a minute or two and every time we sit down we get asked for money.

Saw Flat Iron building apparently off superman and a 3d peace of art below it!

Saw the empire state building and The statue of liberty!! Iconic places which I haven't been up as I want to go again with my family and do things like that with them. Carly has been to NYC a few times so has already experienced all this!

Came home had a sleep got up got ready went out......

Went to O'haras where a crazy drunken girl worked behind the bar and stood and talked shit to us, Im sure she was off her face! But told us loads of bars and streets to head to for a better night out! So she was ok. She made us the strongest sex on the beach cocktail too! She also had a tattoo of the NYC skyline on her arm.

Went to a sports bar. had prosecco, time went by, everything closed early as it was memorial day so we went to shop got some beer came home watched bad boys and went to sleep.  
The days walking up and down the city tire you out!! 
Day 3
Woke up about 7am on Monday got up went to whole foods the nicest healthiest organicist supermarket in the world bought food 55dollars worth of grocieries which we carried home in brown paper bags Went home ate a lovely breakfast consisting off choc croissant strawberries, tea and juice.... Continental style

Got ready went out, Went on the subway and found a market on way, Smashed the subway it was easy

Asked a Man to make sure we was on right line he said yes, got on subway one stop later guy comes saying get off now this is ur stop so we jumped off and we didn't even want to get off we just felt bad cos we had said that's where we was going but we really weren't

Oh in market saw the tiniest Russian dolls cute, Bought some baby grows for my nephew mani 2 for a tender he knew what I meant

Went to east village on subway,Found bars recommended by crazy drunken oharas waitress, took many of photos of the districts, art and streets. Found coyote ugly and New York adjourned tattoo shop
I keep saying euro and not dollar I forget

Walked in circles trying to find coyote ugly though we needed to know where it was, looked nothing like we expected proper dump!
Saw another crazy man

Went in a Fabulous Fannys vintage shop

Walked to the subway got picked up by a lovely American girl who thought we looked lost so she helped us on our way

Went to times square again, saw an 80 year old in a bikini and cowboy attire hat and boots..... Speciality

Had loads of pics of times square to get a good one!! Told a guy to take loads of photos of us to get it right!! He loved it... notttt

Walked down Fifth Ave again and saw tiffanys, the toy shop off big FAO Schwartz saw the BIG Piano couldn't go on as too many kids hogging the dam thing! It was toy wonderland in there, Saw the plaza and trump tower, 
Got a bike ride off a man to Alice in wonderland in central park, saw Ans Christian Anderson statue and Alice in wonderland statue which was gorgeous we stayed there for ages it was out of this world!

Saw woody Allens house and him who's married to that woman who was in darling buds of may oh Michael douglas

Went on a Row row Rowing boat on the lake house in central park it was so much fun

Scorching weather At this point so had a lolly break at the fountain off friends
Subwayed back home

Saw a Man with poo on his tshirt who lived  in subway

Had Reght nice showers and a home made tea and a corona, na off to Brooklyn bridge!! 

Walked round and round miles before actually getting onto Brooklyn bridge we eventually ended under it before we worked out how to get on it?.

Walked more than half way over it with our disabled feet then walked back then walked back down to the water pier 17 and went and had a cocktail on the front a 25dollar cocktail fishbowl that knocked our socks off strawberry mojito yum yum

Walked home with jelly legs went and got more beers and went home as we're crippled

Day 4
Got up went to world trade centre 9/11 memorial was amazingly beautiful the waterfalls in the places and sizes the towers were mark the people lost, however the museum was closed but we had a photo took with the surviving tree!!

Walked over to battery park jumped on staten island ferry saw statue of liberty and jumped back on home saw Ellis island . Saw a man with a camera on his head how that worked who knows

Got subway to west village and meat packing district, went to carries house on 66 perry st, en went to magnolia bakery for some cupcakes too, bleaker street, Which we saved For after tea but they melted as its that hot so Carly's looked like a sloppy shit we a flower on top haha

Went to samba sushi for lunch which was an experience! Ordered dinner and got a tray of raw fish on ice ewwwww we told them and luckily they changed it to something a bit nicer

Then got complained at cos we don't tip waitress enough, how was I to know the rule skanky bitch, she chased us out of the shop for another fiver

Went to union square then where the craziest people live I think it's full of meth heads

This guy saw Carly with a drink asked her for a swig so she said no ewww then he took piss out of her saying noooo that's disgusting

Then we saw a guy dressed as the devil saying repent your sins or somet

Then another guy reaching into space for nothing, he had dreads and was drinking out of fountain 

Then. Guy in like a pantomime costume started looking in the bin and pulled Carly's cupcake out and ate that

So we legged it and another guy said why u pulling ur skirts down u think I'm looking at u, 
why would I be looking at u, we didn't even see him so god knows what he s on about

Saw the best art, a guy got a canvas glued newspaper on it then painted over it scenes of NYC, Reght idea and I'm gonna steal it!,

Saw  union square where Angela in I heart NY stayed

Saw Abraham Lincoln

Came home then as carly was having her hair straightened in hairdressers ready for a night out

Trinity place church survived the 9/11 we have been trying to go in but it's always closed, 
they had loads of remains they found items from people etc who died

The proper night out in NYC, ended up plastered and grinding on the bar in coyote ugly with carlys friend who worked there!! she got us sooo pissed we was blind!! we threw cash at her literally and got the fuck out of there!!
we ended up in a taxi in a daze and I remember seeing half a taxi we no roof that had been In a big accident, I remember carly being on the phone for 40 minutes to UK ouch! and I remember pulling her in from outside the apartment and passing out
Day 5
the next day we was a mess we finally got our hung over asses up and dressed and headed to planet Hollywood!
we stuffed our faces then threw it all back up in the toilet and left quickly to get back home!!
we wasted the day illing big time seriously couldn't shift!!
Day 6 
Then game over last wasted day for me in bed and carly went and did her shopping out of my sick ass way before back to UK - 
I saw and did everything on our to do list and more was amazing!!!

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