Thursday, 27 March 2014

Dress up

Hello readers......

Just a thought for ya really......

Been havin a think to myself like after spending the last two weeks staring at lots and lots of clothes and I've decided I've been confirming to too many rules.

After working in an office environment for the last 13 years I've always obvs had to wear smart presentable clothes however still putting my own edge on it im not that boring I reck!!!

Anyways........ I now have fashion freedom always to dress how i want to dress and wer what the hellz i like but now My question is what do I want to wear,,,

I don't have a set personal style cos I like to look different on a day to day basis however I do seem to fall in to the hippie/kimono hugger style more often that not.

But if you could wear whAtever you wanted what would you wear if you did not care.....

Did not care what people thought, or did not care about smart dress and conforming.....

I know loads would say well I don't care anyway and to be fair like neither do I but if you could wear whatever what would you wear....?

One thing I've always wanted is an indian head dress OBVIOUSLY! I'd don that often and I like wearing rugs...... And tuxedos I really crush on these oh and bow ties =)

I dony know anyway like I said I was just thinking and this is what I thought! See ya

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