Sunday, 31 January 2016

Glitter roots and grey hair

So I don't know what 2016 as done to me but I'm recapturing a bit of my youth with new hairstyles, dungarees and glitter!! Having seen the trend on Instagram the last few month me and Katie decided to give it a go at the next party we went too and we loved it!!

We bought some cheap ass gel from supermarket and some glitter mixed it up in a glass and then painted it into each other's roots we then sprinkled on some table confetti we found and pressed them slightly to stick to the gel and walla!!!! Hair ready!!! How easy!! We loved it and felt about 14 again we added some 90s rnb playlist to the background and we was off with no diggity hahah

Anyway the camera snob and her iPhone 6 camera which is for some reason a million times better than my iPhone 5 got plenty of pics as ya do and we got some great responses!

Coming home from the party we gave our heads a little brush off whilst outside and it literally just came out!! Which was great cos we was planning on sleeping in balaclavas or somet to save the bedsheets from being ruined!! Another quick knock off before entering the house it was easy peasy to remove. No mess anywhere except my mates driveway haha

I was expecting to be covered in glitter for a week but no issues!! Give it a go it changed my life 🚬


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