Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Booty building Workout - Tammy Hembrow my #WCW

SO my friend got me following Tammy Hembrow on Instagram recently and I totally stalked her back to 2013.......... Slight exaggeration maybe 2014 though!!

I just became obsessed. I was gifted with her booty building programme and i'm addicted to working out again. Its available to buy at

I love it when im in this mode, when I want something I go for it. I love getting gym addicted cos its the only way I will go and commit to going.

Easter came and left me rolling swear to god March literally killed me off I broke down about where I went wrong and it was the loss of our coach combo,  2 weekends away, and the Easter bunny. Its all their faults. I literally fell off the band wagon and couldn't get back on!!
I've done this a few times now I seem to do it every 3 months or so but I always get back on it and at the time I feel like I've lost my way and all the work I put it in as disappeared. But now it only takes me a week to get back in the game and I feel great again so I know its in their somewhere I just have to refuel it

Having inspirations and motivations like Tammy Hembrow are what get me back on it!  I'm currently following her programme and have switched up my diet a bit eating less fruit at dinner and more high protein meals.

I'm not sure how this is going yet ill give it a month and report back. I've eaten less sugar, biscuits and chocolate and my skins recovering from all this too. I was a total wreck! Very unlike me!!

Some key workouts have been these:

Weighted Squats

Bulgarian Lunges

Fire Hydrants with Ankle Weights

I'm a year on nearly from when I first started in the gym and love my body so much more. I never really cared what size I was I was generally lucky with what I could eat and not have to do much but now I feel so much healthier and feel better in my clothes too as well as being reght hard na too LOL

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