Saturday, 2 April 2016

Healthy flourless Banana Pancakes

The most delicious healthy way to eat your pancakes! So much tastier and fluffier and fill you up much more than normal.

With just 2 ingredients - a banana and 2 eggs

Mash up the banana in a bowl and add the two eggs then give it a good mix up until it's all mushed and mixed together. I did add a sprinkle of bicarbonate soda, just because.

Then heat up your frying pan with coconut oil or olive oil or whatever you prefer then add the mix! I like to try and keep them small and thick but it doesn't always happen. I haven't mastered beautiful foodie pics yet I just know it makes good fuckin pancakes an a picture or two helps the sell!! 

Cook them slow and long on a low heat don't rush them because that's what I always do and end up with a heaped pile of pancake!! What I've just discovered whilst cooking the third pancake was this. Add the mix to the pan and cook slowly until formed and browned around five mins then take your frying pan and shove under the grill for two mins as you would an omelette (well its how I do mine) then once it's set its so much easier to flip and it will for sure keep its shape u like my pancake one and two haha but I didn't mind it all Tasted the same. 

 (real life pics - not 10 attempts to make them look pretty - that's not me)

Once done I added fruit and a drizzle of honey!

Add whatever you like at the end - chocolate spread, peanut butter, cinnamon there all amazing!! 

After several more attempts at these trying to make perfect pancakes I decided to add a sprinkle of oats to the mixture and they were the best pancakes ever and perfect for snapping too haha so that's what I do now add a handful of oats!!

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