Thursday, 1 September 2016

30 things to do before your 30

  • Fire a gun
  • Smoke a fag
  • Drink till u pass out
  • Stay up all night talking with the bf
  • Write a story
  • Tell someone you hate to fuck off
  • Eat something you have never tried
  • Organise your belongings 
  • Stop drinking fizzy pop
  • Set up a pension plan
  • Learn something new
  • Buy some stocks/invest
  • Make friends with someone new
  • Try out a new hobby 
  • Go out once a week with friends
  • Get a tattoo/piercing
  • Make a family tree 
  • Have sex outdoors
  • Do something you haven't done before
  • Overcome your worst fear
  • Write someone a letter and post it 
  • Make a bucket list 
  • Buy something you shouldn't 
  • Make a photo album of the best things you did before you turned 30
  • Improve your wine knowledge
  • Book a trip you've been putting off
  • Buy a new sex toy
  • Say no to everyone for a day
  • Say yes to everyone for a week 

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