Monday, 13 July 2015

Feed me MAMA

So food wise - i'm my own worst enemy
I eat so good all day long then binge on biscuits come evening brew time i blame the other half
my cupboards would be without chocolate and biscuits if it wasn't for him. I honestly wouldn't do it unless i was desperate for a treat then id make some sort of healthy flapjack or something.

It kills me that this is the ruin of me but i think as i eat pretty well the rest of the time i shouldn't punish myself too much but i'm working to cut it out. but i just wish i didnt nail 5 custard creams when i have a cup of tea at night when ive worked so hard all day!

So typical day for me whilst at work:

Breakfast - 2 Scrambled egg with cherry tomatoes or salmon or avocado

Mid-morning snack  - banana

Lunch - fruit bowl - apple, kiwi, berries & skyr yogurt

Dinner - chicken, vegetables, rice/pasta

Afters - Flapjack

I drink a mix of water, green tea and tea with almond milk throughout the day

other examples

Breakfast - Wheatabix or porridge with almond milk
Lunch - chicken and roasted veg

Dinners -
Homemade curry with tomato base packed with veg and chicken/basa fish fillet + rice with kidney beans
Meat with broccoli, asparagus, peppers and roasted sweet potatoes
Stir fry packed with vegetables and sprinkled with soy sauce not packet sauces

I'm trying to use less and less jars and packets of sauces and instead use spices and tomato juice/coconut milk to make dishes tastier if needed.

I'm also trying to make plates 50% vegetables, 30% Chicken and 20% rice/potato etc

We never eat ready meals i make all meals from scratch and even doing the weekly shop i concentrate on buying raw fruit, vegetables and meat and not processed/packet foods or ready meals.

I generally always cook the evening meals so i get the choice of exactly whats in my meals, it saves us so much money also cooking like this. I do my best to switch it up for everyone else though so there not getting bored of eating the same vegetable and plates of food, I like them to come home to something unexpected and i'm naturally good at chucking ingredients together and making a delicious meal without it seeming like boring health food.

I've been like this for a long time as i'm against plastics and food packed with all these ingredients we cant even pronounce, additives that i believe are the cause of many diseases in our bodies, i'm conscious of avoiding them.

If i eat out at a friends or family i'm not like whats this whats in it wheres it from ill happily eat whatever they cook no questions asked i'm not a freak about it cos i'm too laid back a person to be like that but when i can choose i make better choices.

I use my fitness pal to track my progress and this again makes you consciously think about what your eating and how much your eating, I generally eat under 1600 calories and have reduced it to 1400 calories per day recently reason being to make me not eat that biscuit! And did i mention i go on holiday in days now!!

I wrote the above a few days ago and I've actually had such a crappy week like I just want to binge and I don't know if it's because I'm telling my self to be really good the week before the holiday or my body just needs more than what I'm giving it. So naturally I give it what it wants. I'm only talking about a few sweets and toast for breakfast instead of the norm or I had little pancakes with strawberries this morning nom yum nom  and also James decided to sort tea first time in months and bought some marks and Spencer's ready meals I could have died when I saw them! I was like I know Uve gone out of the way to pick us a nice tea but WHY THESE haha one had like 74% of ur daily allowance of fat, sugar and carbs!! This is the sort of thing that puts me off eating this crap! He agreed after we had eaten them that they were shit and we could have made nicer healthier versions with what we had in fridge etc 
Went on a good bike ride last night and I've had a sore ass today so went to gym and focused on my arms and shoulders today too so I'm still working out and eating under my calorie goal but just making bad choices to what I'd like. 

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