Tuesday, 7 July 2015

High on life and peanut butter

Running foods

I was high on life and peanut butter once upon a time.

So my pre run breakfast was always toast with peanut butter, banana and sprinkled with cinnamon, this breakfast put me in good stead for them long runs but the more i was running the more i realised i wanted to spew up on the taste of the peanuts in my mouth whilst running, it was constantly repeating on me and my saliva.

So i gave up on peanut butter breakfasts and now enjoy porridge with banana, wheatabix and also scrambled eggs, tomatoes and bacon/salmon or avocado. These foods always give me plenty of energy to see a good mileage through. however me mate Kate ploughs through on mars bars, protein shakes or few haribo!!!! do what you love, its the best method.

One Saturday night i had eaten a Chinese takeaway which i don't eat often and totally pigged out and felt like crap afterwards. Well the following morning we had arranged to do a big Sunday run as you do. Well i totally flaked 6 mile in i couldn't run my heart attacked! It wasn't that i ached or felt sick or was out of breath, my heart would not stop pounding out of my chest. I walked it off several times and every time i started to run it came back and i nearly died roadside.

Again this experience showed me the crap we shovel in out bodies as ill effects and this day i nearly dramatically pretended to die. I wont do it again though its totally put me off takeaways.

Im no goddess of clean eating but i try to be as good as possible without living like a mortar and im happy with my diet and genuinely enjoy eating my fruit and veg in vast amounts daily. Again another lifestyle change ive adopted and inflicted upon my family. who have healthy teeth and tums in return!!

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