Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Holiday Ab countdown

So if you were gullible enough to read my last cry for help, obviously i realise how silly it sounded! "Been to gym for a month and i don't look like arnie", who was i kidding!

So i am now 7 weeks in now and this week i have been back on the running game, which i am pleased about because i lapsed for a whole month and my thighs knew all about it, honestly! So this proved to me what it was actually doing for my legs which helped me get my trainers back on i think. Really happy I've bashed a few out because i started getting the fear of not being able to run which would be terrible as id built a good base up this year.

I started running seriously again in January 2015 and built up a good stamina, i noticed that this time last year i quit running so thinking it must have something to do with the weather as i don't like the heat and sunshine for running in id rather it rain!

I can also lift more in the gym i have been naturally pushing myself and increasing weights as its become easier to rep so i'm really happy about that and its given me a better perspective and realisation that this is a long haul game and i got to be in it forever to win at it.

Its a lifestyle change I've hopefully made and it fits in to my daily routine with no pressure which is what it has to do.

Its funny how you change because if i miss a day of working out i feel it, which i like as it makes me want to go the next day.

This morning i woke up at 5.45am so got up and went to the gym before work, it was well busy and i was driving there thinking is this dedication or madness, and its neither because every other person does this and doesn't shout about it just gets on with it. So i stopped thinking i was the bomb for being there as its like going to the supermarket at the end of the day, we don't all shout about that on facebook do we!

13 days till i go on holiday so this is my last dedicated push of daily burning calories and pumping those abs ready for cocktails and lazing on the beach for a fortnight! #WECANDOTHIS


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