Monday, 13 July 2015

I still run around 3 grates cos it's bad luck

Stretching is the law, you can't run well without doing it, try it, you'll be shit and you'll be crippled for a few days. I've done it and it hurts during and after your run.

I enjoy my run stretching now, full body stretches are something i'm trying to do daily as the more i'm working out the more i wake up aching and feel like i need to stretch it out.

My body felt good this weekend, knocked out a 7.5 mile run on Saturday Morning and changed the route which definitely makes it more enjoyable. Not knowing a route is key to a long run we agreed because you don't know where you are and how many mile to go etc so i think were going to be switching our routes up a lot more in future.

We no longer fear hills, ok so we power walked up a massive hill on Saturday which was at the beginning of our route so not to burn ourselves out before we'd even started. but the rest of the route was also a slight incline for a good few miles so this has to be done. Its also a good warm up.

We started planning short runs into our weekly training which focused on hills and not stopping till we hit the top which has helped us in our training definitely. So we might only knock out a 3 mile run but half of that run could be up a steep hill. what hills aren't steep when your running ey, its key to slow it down in order not to flake at the start.

But i don't feel broken if i have to stop and walk every so often either its all part of training your body, just power walk through it when you need a breather and slow it down in general.

I also get runners knee its not as bad at the minute but early on i damaged it by sprinting down a big hill which i don't ever do and it niggled me for weeks and weeks so this was another reason for being a stretching crusader. I ran it out though i didn't let it stop me sometimes i try and bounce differently whilst running or swap weight on legs etc i just try and mix things up to take the strains away.

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