Friday, 9 October 2015

Resting from Working out

I have just had ten days completely off eating clean and exercising. I weren't feeling well and felt like I needed to feed it so I did, I also had a girlie weekend to make sure I wasn't poorly for so I completely rested and ate a lot more than I usually do. I feel like my body needed it and during the rest period I felt like my body was long gone I hadn't even seen myself I'd been drowned in layers upon layers of clothing and scarfs and blankets and duvets constantly wrapped up to keep warm. I was completely worried I'd have to start all over again, especially after the Chinese takeaway I demolished 'total dream'.

Anyway Monday came this week and I was straight back on it, Tuesday same again on it with a leg day in the gym and Wednesday has arrived and I feel good again and motivated to do better. I think breaks are good for this reason. For me they make me want to hit to the gym and they say 'nothing tastes as good as fit feels' and it's so true. I love feeling toned and healthy and what healthy feels like. 

I do want to get back on the pavement running though as I see a total difference in my legs when I stop.

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