Thursday, 8 October 2015

I'm an 85% food snob

I'm in such a weird place at the minute. Sometimes I think people look at me and think for god sake eat a fucking burger man!!! I'm sat in the staff room eating a Tupperware box full of fruit for my lunch and I honestly 100% completely enjoy it. Everyday I do this and have done for the last six month.... Am I fucked up or what cos a few years ago I'd have looked at someone doing that and thought 'get a life'. Why are you counting calories, stupid dieting rah rah rah!! But here I am now not on any fucking diet eating what the hell I want and not trying to lose weight but just choosing a healthier lifestyle for myself and loving it.

I get offered out for fish and chips, pie and peas, Taco Bell, bacon sandwiches etc on a daily basis and I refuse everyday cos I really don't want to eat it. What is wrong with this woman!! Sometimes I still go on the road trip out cos I'm not jealous I'm not eating it. I wonder why people eat that amount crap processed food constantly and don't think twice about it.

I have changed haven't I??

I used to eat two freaking Big Macs on a Saturday morning to soak up my hangover and then think about what chinese I was ordering for tea.

Urgh all I see now is disgustingness 

I'm a 85% food snob tha knows.period.

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