Monday, 29 February 2016

Half marathon training

I love the stages i go through on a long run I don't know if everyone goes through the same!!

Yesterday I did my longest run yet 11 miles and I am crippled today! I've been running for over a year now but my longest run to date was 8 miles. 

I'm 6 weeks away from my first half marathon in Sheffield and knew I needed to up my game as training hasn't been going as well I liked. 

I got up yesterday with intention of running 8-9 miles but I smashed that thank fully but can no longer walk and I ache all over!! 

I finished my run and walked up the street home, texted the hubby to get the bath running and entered the house poured a glass of water opened a bag of midget gems and sat on the kitchen floor in pure agony!! I'm not out of shape I'm active 5/6 times per week so I'm not unfit but it was testing if you can call it anything. 

Mile one - Oooh it's cold
Mile two - maybe I'll just do 4 miles 
Mile three - hit a hill and smashed it
Mile 4 - I'm half way there I can so do this
Mile 5 - I'm forest gump I can run forever 
Mile 6 - god could I turn around and run home right now to make it twelve miles 
Mile 7 - my abs hurt shall I stop at that house for a drink and a toilet break
Mile 8 - I'm gonna go the long way home cos I'm feeling good
Mile 9- why did I do this to myself my feet are blistering 
Mile 10 - I'm gonna call home and get picked up 
Mile 11 - u fucking idiot what are you doing 
0.2 miles - The walk home I looked like I'd shit my pants 

The mental thought process of running alone makes me laugh I go through so many stages of how I need to go home or how I feel amazing and could run forever - I'm well proud I did this it's a great achievement for me. The way to do it is be so far away from home the only thing you can do is run home and finish the race! 

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